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Dear reader, are you passionate about the German and English languages and cultures? Do little stories of society, food and other assorted topics make your mouth water? Then this blog is spot on for you! Whether you’re a linguistics geek, expat, language aficionado, globetrotter or lover of Cologne carnival, your taste buds will go bonkers! Entries alternate between English and German. Writing mainly from a German, British or local Cologne viewpoint, I look at life’s little pleasures from changing perspectives – with a pinch of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or India added to taste here and there. Go on and have a look – and if you like it: share it!

Plus: On the tube or in the tub – for your special ear candy fix, you can indulge in an audio version of each entry. Subscribe to podcast here.

Incidentally, the mystery of the Pommes Buddha is solved in the very first blog post. Click here to learn more.



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