Wann immer ich in England die Familie besuche, stelle ich fest, dass dort zu Hause permanent das Radio läuft. Ich habe den Eindruck, die Briten sind besessen vom Radiohören. Aber ist da wirklich was dran? Drei Thesen zum deutschen und englischen Radiokonsum. Read more


Last week, we looked at ‘squeaky bum time’ as a potential candidate for a loan word in German. The beautiful German word ‘Mogelpackung’ would be an excellent choice for a loan word in other languages. What exactly is a Mogelpackung and what does it have to do with citrus fruit? Read more

The blandest thing on the menu

Asked to name a very traditional British dish, many Brits will say something like ‘Lamb Jalfrezi’. So entrenched is the culture of the former British colony in the United Kingdom that it has become part of its identity. Many Indian people run restaurants in Great Britain, and as there is competition all over the place, the quality of the food is mostly excellent. But where can you go for palatable Indian cuisine in Cologne? Read more